Épéus is a creative hub that develops and produces content for corporate communications – with a particular focus on internal communication, HR and B2B.

The agency is headed by three partners with varied backgrounds in communication, journalism and managerial coaching. Its clients include major international companies (in sectors such as energy, insurance, services and consumer goods), non-profit organizations and business of all types.

Working closely with its clients, Épéus creates campaigns, brochures and websites, status reports, films and motion design videos, creative seminars, HR web series and theatre sketches, as well as tailored training and coaching programmes.

Épéus is a nimble creator, named after the unassuming craftsman who built the Trojan horse for Ulysses and then (leaving Ulysses to take the glory he deserved) moved on, incognito, to new challenges.



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Dimitri Dubreucq

Founder, creative director

A Creative Director for 15 years, Dimitri has headed Épéus since 2004. From kick-off to final validation, he oversees all the agency’s projects for international companies, foundations and cultural organizations.

Nicolas Vasseur

Head of digital

With 10 years’ experience as a web and app developer, Nicolas oversees your digital projects and designs sites using his expertise in user experience and his understanding of different technologies.

Lou Tordjman

Coach, actor

A qualified coach, actress, NLP practitioner and specialist in Nonviolent Communication, Lou designs and organizes unique internal HR & communication events for Épéus. Her expertise covers HR web series, theatre-based training and made-to-measure training sessions.

Pascal Ménard

Photographe, réalisateur

With 25 years of experience, Pascal brings his visual expertise to projects as early as the briefing stage. He is responsible for all our audio-visual productions (video reports, interviews, promotional films) and coordinates with external technicians and artists.

Anne Cormier

Journalist, consultant

Specialized in issues around social commitment and development, Anne is a journalist with a talent for finding the right turns of phrase for your content, from CSR and HR to company values and new models of sustainable development.

Rich Woodruff

English-language copywriter

Combining his background in journalism with 15 years’ experience in communication and advertising, Rich works across a range of media. He creates concepts and writes campaigns in English for corporate branding, B2B, relationship marketing, and more.

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