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Creation of HR support tools for Lyonnaise des Eaux (SUEZ Group): recruitment brochures, themed campaigns, and a campaign focused on job mobility that won a SUEZ Environment Innovation Trophy.

In 2013, Lyonnaise des Eaux asked Epéus to reenergize its "Envie d'évoluer ?" (Like to grow?) campaign, launched 3 years previously to promote job mobility by designing new posters, brochures, leaflets, etc.

Conceptual idea, design and production of an intranet site featuring a “job mobility simulator”, showing how a career can span multiple jobs. The campaign won the SUEZ Environment Innovation Trophy in the Business Support category.

Design and copywriting of the recruitment brochure “Tout métiers” (All jobs). Interviews and photos. 15 “portrait cards” included in a pocket on the inside back cover.

Design and production of posters and other material (flyers, banners, etc.) on various HR themes: mentoring, disabilities, job stability, etc.


  • Art direction
  • Content creation
  • Development
  • Editorial strategy
  • Interviews & reports
  • Picture gallery
  • Production follow-up
  • Web design

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