The key ingredients for great communication?

informed writing

Finding the right words is about planting an idea and nurturing its natural beauty. That’s why we always start our editorial projects with a meeting to sow the seeds together. It’s our way to enter your world, identify with your people, and define our common objectives. Because, at Épéus, we believe good writing is informed writing – and that means understanding every aspect of who you are and what you do.

  • Editorial strategy
  • Content creation
  • English-language copywriting
  • Event summaries
  • Interviews & reports
  • Brand naming and slogans

inspiring visuals

Today’s multiple media provide a multitude of messages ! But when everyone’s strutting their stuff, how can anyone get noticed ? The key to being seen is to make an instant visual impact. Whether you’re working in web, print or below the line, Épeus creates inspiring visuals that can be instantly understood and are shaped for the audience – because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

  • Art direction
  • Data & motion design
  • Keynotes & digital publishing
  • Film production
  • Web design
  • Production follow-up

intelligent direction

Communication means making your mark ! And to have an impact on others, you need to get involved yourself. From one-to-one meetings ans small workshops to plenary sessions, it’s essential to strike the right balance between lightness of touch and hard-hitting messages. For Épéus, the key to convincing any audience is to get everyone interacting together – in the office, in a meeting room, or on the stage. And that means careful planning, creative thinking and intelligent direction.

  • Seminar hosting
  • Individual & team coaching
  • HR web series & theatre sketches
  • Creative workshops
  • Tailored training

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